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A vision field test is pretty much Hunger Games for your eyes: they take a “volunteer” and drop you in the playing field and see who survives. No, I’m kidding. A surgeon I saw scheduled one to see if I had any blockages that could be causing my double vision. I’ve had double vision since 2003 so it’s nothing new. It’s caused by nerve damage, but he wanted to see if there was anything else.

They have you cover one eye with an eye patch (so you get to be a pirate) and look into a white box. You’re to focus on an amber light and click a button every time you see another light in the box. Sounds simple enough.

I started with my right eye, which I consider my weaker eye. The lights bounce all over the place, up, down, side to side, and change in intensity from bright and sharp to a dull murmur. Then the white box started to get dark. I’m straining to focus on the amber light. My eye is getting tired. I’d realize after a light had gone, “Oh, that was a light.” I thought it was weird there were no lights going on at the bottom. so I broke my focus on the amber light to look down. There were lights down there– I just wasn’t seeing them.

I was surprised how hard the test was. Part one complete, we took a break before starting my left eye.

I switch the eyepatch and go back in. I’m amazed how bright white the box is. It wasn’t this bright white for the other eye. Everything is so crisp and clear. The test begins. I’m catching all the lights: up, down, bright, dark, fast and slow. I’m feeling really good about myself. This is like my Jedi eye. My right eye must be my Ewok eye, fierce and tries hard, but pretty much cute and cuddly.

Test done, we wait for the results. My right is perfect and my left eye is within the range of normal. What?

“Was one eye harder than the other?” my doctor asked. Come to think of it, it was harder to keep my left eye opened wide. It was still brighter and crisper, but I didn’t have to stretch my right eye the way I did my left.

So my right eye is my Ewok eye, underestimated because it’s cute and cuddly. It’s pretty strong and really gets the job done.

In conclusion, I have no blockages creating my double vision, it is from nerve damage (which I knew), still might have to get surgery to correct it, and I got to be a pirate while making Star Wars similes about my eyes. Pretty good day.