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I woke up and started having a bad day. Overslept. I put my library book in the hallway so it would not get damaged and it met with a fate worse than what it would have met in my room. Was very forgetful. Took my supplement before I ate so I saw the rest of my morning in knotted pain. Got outside only to go inside to get my sunglasses.

And I’m just dreading the impending visit of a customer sucks your energy out like a leech.

As I’m flying in to work, wondering how I’m going to get out of this bad funk, my bad day song comes on. Right on cue. It was amazing. I blogged about it, in “Bad Days Come With Soundtracks,” how every time I had a “challenging” day, this song would come on. Then I remembered what I wrote about it.

At first I used to think it was an omen, then I realized it was a reminder. It’s how we deal with change that matters. Chaos happens before change. It’s getting a little annoying but it’s how you handle it that decides whether you level up or not.

The day has continued to be a delightful challenge but I’m handling it. Here’s the earlier post: