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I’ve been listening to several how to market yourself teleseminars with Amy Ahlers and Lissa Rankin, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I was onboard with them all the way, getting excited, loving this journey of getting out into the world as a writer. Then I got to a module that stumbled me to a stop. They suggested creating a Facebook page. Now. And my gut reaction was, “Why?”

I was onboard and enjoying the idea of creating a newsletter, teleseminars, and reaching for the stars. Creating a Facebook page seemed silly. Well, for me at this point. I’ve created pages for my shows (or more my co-writer did) and one for the tea shop. I “like” several pages of artists and speakers I admire. Me creating a Facebook page felt really vain. “Who’s this chick? And why is she publishing a page?”

Yes I’ve done stuff and I’m all about (sometimes) putting things out there to see what happens. You have to have a starting point. I feel I must have a tad more of a point before setting up the page, like maybe some type of rise.

They advise you create a page so you have a Facebook presence. I agree. And I agree it should be separate from your personal page so you can keep work and life a little seperate.It’s practical for the speakers to have a page because they have thousands of fans. They have these high-powered websites and shopping carts and “platinum programs” their clients can join. The bands I enjoy have pages to collect more fans (people see you like them and check them out). I’m rewriting a novel and drafting short stories. I will create a page eventually and maybe sooner than I think because I think it’d be fun to have a page.

I think it’s to each their own. If you feel you’re ready to have a page up and garner fans, throw one up there (in a good way) and let me know. I’ll come “like” it. If you don’t feel ready, that’s fine. There’s time and the time will come.

Do you have a Facebook page? What do you think about it?