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Pinterest can be a time warp and a life saver. One time I set a timer for 5 minutes so I didn’t spend a lot of time on there. Looked up, three hours had gone by. When I find myself rolling around in the doldrums, a couple of “minutes” in the Humor section can make me feel all better. Then I realized Pinterest could help you see what you want and where you’d like to go with your writing career. It can help you see a through line or similarities in all the works you like so you can see the style in your work.

I have an Influences board on Pinterest. I’ve put pictures up there of my favorite writers, directors, movies, and other things I find funny. When I looked at all the pictures I realized they all had a similar tone to the writing and delivery style to the acting. They were all pretty dry, a lot of satirical or situational humor.

I was able to see the similarities better on the board than in lists I’ve made. Maybe it’s because I’m visual, but lists are names, they don’t have the same feel. I like Peter Cook, Stephen Fry, Catherine Tate… Seeing them put what they do in a different perspective and I was able to identify much faster what I like about it and how  I’ve applied it to my work.

Many of the people I admire started getting momentum on stage. Many of them perform their own work and that is one of their great strengths. They can do other people’s and be very good, but no one can catch them when they perform their own work.

It’s just fun collecting all your favorite things in one place. I felt very strong and well- rounded as a writer. I had my influences, my influences-influences, and their influences on there. It felt like I was trimming away the fat and really identifying this is what I like and why, validating, I guess, what I find funny and how I like to write.

What do you think of Pinterest? Are you on there? If so, please find me and I’ll follow you back.