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paper TARDIS

A paper TARDIS I made for a window display.

We’re having “Tea in the TARDIS” on Sunday, featuring Lynne M. Thomas, editor of the book Chicks Dig Time Lords. We’re excited. We wanted it to be a fun event and so far it’s turning out to be.

I’ve enjoyed all the people calling in to place their reservation. “Hi I like to make a reservation for Tea in the TARDIS.” I half expect them to say “And I’d like to be seated by the heart of the TARDIS not the center console.” It’s such a happy tone to their voice, tickled they’re going to have tea and get to talk Doctor Who with people who want to and get to meet a sought after speaker/writer.

From the tea bar, I watch people double take our newsletter in the window. It’s that severe whiplash you give yourself when you see something you know and love but no one else has heard of it. Pictures have been taken of the newsletter and the message/calendar board we have in the front window. “Today’s Tea: Persian Lime 10/21 Tea in the TARDIS 10/27 Who Gathering”.

I’ve had great fun decorating and getting the shop organized. I turned our center window display into a Doctor Who Blue window. All things blue or clear were placed on a small pyramid display. I put “Allons-y!” at the top of the pyramid then “To Tea!” across the base, a nod to the 10th Doctor. French Club and many of the professors who teach French visit regularly so I hope they enjoy it too.

I made a paper TARDIS for our two by four unit. That’s going to be the Dalek Display. It’s a little darker lighting and the little

Dalek in Progress (made out of tea ball and paper container)

My Dalek in progress, made out of half a tea ball and a paper container.

seem right for the Doctor’s nemesis. I started making Daleks our of stuff around the shop, one so far out of a broken tea ball and paper container. I’m revealing my piece de resistance on Sunday (I’m really proud of him).

I started finding ways to make everything a Dalek. Bamboo tea strainer? That could be a Dalek. Ice Tea Jug? That could be a Dalek. Tupperware cracker jar? Emperor Dalek.
I looked forward to updating my status: “What’d you do today? Oh just made my Dalek army. Nothing much.”

I’m also in the process of making a Sontaran. Hope people get it. I hope people enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.