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This isn’t what I wanted my first post back to be about but on the day I’m having with everything going on in my life, this isn’t what I wanted to read. Gilda’s Club created by Gilda Radner is removing the comedienne’s name from the title because people don’t know who she is. The Madison, WI location (Madison, WI–they really should open their mouthes with all they’ve been doing) explained, “‘[W]e are seeing younger and younger adults who are dealing with cancer diagnosis’ for whom the name Gilda Radner bears no significance.” Then educate them.

Just because people don’t know about something doesn’t mean you slap the founder in the face. Sorry, this new generation doesn’t know who you are so we’re just going to remove your name. Thanks for founding it and providing a place for these people to go though.

If anyone needs to know who that woman was it is the people coming to Gilda’s Club. In times of pain and challenge she chose to laugh. She chose to be strong and persevere. She created the club so people who were going through this painfully tough time had somewhere to go and have support. She said there was no place for the living to go, no place for the families to go.

Changing the name is snuffing out a beacon of hope. As one commenter on their Facebook page said, “Not many people know who Betty Ford is but they’re checking into her clinic.” Many people of my generation don’t know who she is and I think that is a shame. Many women could use a role model like her. Any one who follows Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, or any female comedienne really should know who she is. Any one who has chosen to fight instead of curl up and die should know who she is.

One location is not changing their name and I’m so grateful they are not: Chicago. I’m glad we’re able to put our feet down on something important. Knowing some of the women on the board, I wouldn’t want to cross them either.