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Would the real Cora please stand up? I am sensitive to energies. If someone is calm and slow talking, I feel myself slow and calm as well. If someone is psyched and really pumped up, I can complement them. What I noticed while conducting the interviews for my Fear-Less Writing Telesummit was that my energy changed interview to interview.

When I interviewed a world-renowned psychiatrist, we were very serious. What he was talking about was incredible and fascinating and I definitely felt formal. When I talked to a stand up comedienne who is a regular on Prairie Home Companion, we sounded like excited little girls: “Can you believe we’re doing this? Can you believe they let us have phones?” We had such a great time. When I talked with the screenwriter and teacher who helped me understand screenplay structure, I sounded like Tinker Bell.

Everything is energy. As sensitive to energy as I am, I also control my energy. When I change my energy, people respond differently to me. Those were some of my earlier interviews. I realized I had a majority of them to come so I could improve my techniques and energy now. The next interview I decided it was going to be the best interview ever. I prepared myself. I knew I’d be nervous so I centered myself with breathing. I rewrote my opening script and practiced it (what a concept!). Then I was on.

I was focused on that interview–what the expert was saying and how it made me feel. They are hour-long interviews that are being recorded to share. Anytime I felt my energy dip, I would snap back awake. Either I’d think of a song that really gets me going or silently move in my seat.

Everytime I reminded myself I was in control of my energy and controlled, the expert said they had a great time. I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for those kind words. It really feels like success.

Have you ever changed your energy and changed a situation? Leave a comment below.