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First off, a “telesummit” is a virtual interview series. Mine happens to be free. You can listen online to the interviews or call in at 7 pm Central.

I put together the Fear-Less Writing Telesummit because I realized the problem with my writing and writing career was me. I’m the reason I am where I am. I have time to write and send stuff out, I just don’t. All my excuses can down to fears.
I didn’t think I had a fear around writing–it’s writing. I’ve done it since I was little. But that was the point. I’m now in my 20’s. I had developed a fear of success, fear of not being enough, and an arsenal of others. Fear would show up in different ways. You’re too tired to write. Do it tomorrow. This is terrible. You’re not talented enough to fix this. What I loved to do most in the world had become painful and I didn’t want to do it which also hurt.

Identifying you have a fear is the first step. You recognize what I’m feeling is fear and this is how it’s showing up for you. The important thing with fear is what you do with it when it shows up. We’ve all heard “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Great. How do you do that with writing? Because I was still looking at the blank page, or something I had written and thinking it was terrible, or comparing myself to others.

I interviewed 21 experts on fear and writing (22 now with the bonus speaker). These are people I’ve heard or read, people who pack conferences because writers want to work with them. I learned fear is real. It comes from an actual place in our bodies and minds. We’re not crazy when we show up to write, rewrite, or send stuff out and start to freak out or all of a sudden need to clean the kitchen. I learned simple little mindshifts from Eric Maisel and Anne Paris that I could use right after our talk and everyday after. With Lisa Tener I learned how to organize my writing time. Lynne Klippel made marketing exciting. Every interview was beneficial.

It lead to me publishing an essay and writing again.

It’s not too late to join us if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.
Sign up here: http://fear-lesswriting.com