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I didn’t value my writing or value myself as a writer. I thought I wasn’t good enough and there was nothing I could do to improve. I also didn’t believe I could make a living as a writer. With all this going on, I didn’t really want to write.

So I got busy so I couldn’t write. Getting busy was great avoidance. I HAD to work at the tea shop and when I was there I HAD to do 100% tea related things. When I worked at the hotel, I HAD to do 100% hotel things, even though I was so efficient I’d get my chores done in the first hour and was told down time was perfectly okay. Then at the end of the day, I’d tell myself I was too tired. It was better to sleep than work. I’d do it tomorrow. Then two years have passed.
Then I’d beat myself up for not writing. Obviously I didn’t want it enough. I wasn’t going to succeed because I wasn’t disciplined enough (okay, some truth there).

Fear is pervasive. It will get in there and show up different ways. Even though I’ve learned it’s keeping me safe, it’s a real jerk sometimes. Through my telesummit, I’ve learned different techniques to feel the fear and do it anyway. Like many things when you’re afraid, like getting onstage at an open mike, once you’ve done it, you had a great time and wonder why you were ever nervous. Fear is always going to be there and will come with you as you progress in your career. Look at why you’re not writing and be aware of how you’re feeling.

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