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Maybe part of my problem is I’m comparing rewriting a work I’m proud of and love to getting into a ring and boxing…because I don’t feel that way. I want it to be the best version of itself. I want to share it and I want it to improve people’s lives with its beauty. First I have to rewrite it.

So much fear is coming up around rewriting the novel. I’m going to a conference in the beginning of April. My goal is to have a presentable draft to offer people if it’s requested. Can I rewrite a novel in 4 weeks? I’m going to see. I’m being realistic. I’m going to get as much done as possible.

I thought I’d start with a structure pass, because that’s what I’d get notes about when I was read. I returned to the book I used while I was writing. It starts with a character pass. Character! Omigosh. Complete panic. That started a whole debate.

Why would you start with a character pass?
Because story comes from character. You know that. Why would you start with a structure pass when you know story comes from character?
Because all the notes I received were, “We love the characters. Your second act needs work.”

I called time in the great debate and sent the opponents to their corners for water. I want to rewrite this work. I want to bring it to market. Why was I getting nervous? I want to rewrite it correctly. Soon as I heard that I knew my perfectionism was present. It’s there because I care about the outcome.

I assured myself that what is important isn’t as much as how I rewrite it, but that I rewrite it. Boxing can also be viewed as dancing, full of movements, strategy and training, all culminating in several rounds to see who will be the victor. It’s writer versus themselves, past, present, and future. No pressure. Enjoy.