My goal during the first draft was just to get a first draft, get everything down so I had something to work with. When you’re writing that fast, you keep going. You know what you’re talking about and you’re the only one reading at this point so it’s okay. Looking back at it, I realize the characters are not as clear as they could be, especially my antagonist.

Right now he comes off as a meat head goofball, not a very formidable foe. It wasn’t clear why he was doing what he was doing. He’s annoying right now, this guy who keeps getting in the protagonists way.

I free wrote his story. Who was he? How did he get into what he did (security)? Why did he keep with security? Why did he take the death of his boss so hard and why does he blame himself? It was fun. Turns out he’s a very protective guy who views his size and presence as a gift. He’s very bright and good at what he does. When his boss dies on his watch, he blames himself. His only job was to protect his boss and now his boss’ son will grow up with out a father.

The bad guy doesn’t know he’s the bad guy. He’s trying to be the hero of his story. My next step is writing the story from his point of view. It’s a drama and not going to end well for him, which is unfortunate. I don’t wish that on anyone, but it’s what needs to happen to him so he can heal.

How do you work with your antagonist? Let me know in the comments below. Best!