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I learned several things while recording my essay, “Meeting Pete”, like I will do anything to avoid recording it. I paid the phone bill and organized magazines. I created a dance company (that was a fun one–and if you’re in the Chicago area, message me!). It was fear coming up so I had to settle down and do it. I addressed each fear.

“People believe what they see. If the background is messy, they’ll lose faith in you.” We’re going to do our best and do what we can. I live in an old, old farm house so the walls are a little we’ll say weathered. Luckily I’m the daughter of a sound and lighting designer who also did a lot of set design. After trying a couple of options, I decided on the plain white background.

“How are you going to record yourself reading your essay?” That was a good question. It does look a little silly, me reading to the camera, but it’s our first video trying this out. We can only go up from here.

“This isn’t very good and you shouldn’t be sharing it.” Re-reading my work with the goal of sharing it made me realize there are some drastic needs for improvement. I believe in putting your best foot forward. I did edit it a little, but not a whole lot. My goal was to share it.

I also learned I really enjoy making videos and I have several ideas for the future. Even though fears of being judged and criticized came up, I still recorded the essay. I will be sharing my inner dialogue with you at some point, because I think it’d be really beneficial to hear. I kept the goal of sharing in mind and realized creating the video was a step in the direction I’d like to go. It’s not the greatest, but it’s a starting point.

I broke the essay into 3 parts because otherwise it would be 30 minutes long.
You can find Part 1 here