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There’s something healing about country music. Especially the women of country. A girls night out when you can’t get with the girls. Gathered around a table with beer, making sense of how you feel as you drown in fog, then move on.

It’s a Band Perry kind of day…

Love is shady, love is tragic
It’s hard to bury the hatchet

Especially when he won’t talk to you
I want to take a chainsaw to how I feel
Because it hurts, it’s annoying
But I want to do good work and not sure I can carve with that big a knife

Kim Perry’s my girl. We’re


Is for the disappointment. I’m so disappointed in how you’re acting. Because you’re not like this, you are a good person. A little younger than I gave you credit for but…

Not going to get all Taylor Swift
Because you don’t deserve it and I don’t want to give you any more mental space than I have to
But I am going to profit from my pain and make some art.

Not going to be Miranda Lambert
This ain’t my mama’s broken heart
But I am going to be a lady about it. I’m made of more than gunpowder and lead, you better fear my kerosene, but I’m a firm believer in being the bigger person. And besides Miranda wouldn’t have given you the time and she wouldn’t have let me.

Because why get all hung up over you when I can have Home Free, collect all 3 that aren’t married, but hot and not…a child?

I’m a June Bug looking for her Johnny Cash, her man in black that was better than any knight in shining armor, or Chris Young with his voice like bourbon and brown sugar, or since I’m dating younger there are the boys Perry…but I couldn’t do that to Kim. She’s my girl without knowing it.