Before I decided we’d be better off friends, the guy I was seeing was acting confusing.

I hurt. I wanted to do something for me. Fine you’re doing that, I’m doing this. I usually do a French manicure if I put nails on, but I wanted to do something different. That’s when I saw them: these orange that blossomed into yellow nails covered in gold glitter. I couldn’t wear those. They’re garish. Then I remembered how I liked some of the bright nails I saw at work. They’re nails. If you don’t like them, you can take them off.

I put on the nails so when he came to me the next day and asked how my weekend was I could (lie) tell him this story about meeting up with friends and we did our nails. Aren’t these awesome?

Nothing from him. He ignored me all day. But here’s what did happen:

–I got coffee for the first time in a long time. The girl at the window loved my nails. We had a moment as we discussed different polishes (did you know there was a mood polish? It changes with your body heat. I didn’t either.)

–An elderly woman I checked out lit up when she saw my hands. She said they were so beautiful. They reminded her of sunshine and spring and wasn’t that nice on a rainy day like today?

–I felt better about using my hands. I use my hands to show people where to sign or what they’re about to pay. My point was polished with pizzazz. It was fun.

That following Sunday I was doing a MS walk with my mom and several of my aunts. I learned yellow and orange were MS colors. I was in the spirit of things without knowing it!

Not what I planned, but even better. It was so much more enriching. I did something for myself and improved my life. I looked forward to getting compliments every day and being a bit of brightness for others.