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There is no award for bad writing. Comical maybe. Most adverbs in a paragraph maybe. But not bad. There is no bad writing. There are only starts.

When you’re expecting perfection, something publishable and ready to share, out of the gate, everything is going to fall short and look gross. How could you write that? Then you start wondering if you’re even a writer. Are you meant to write?

You’re a writer because you write. You’re meant to write because you want to write. We keep showing up to create flow and grow stronger.

We write as often as we can so we have those moments of brilliance, those phrase that come out and you look at and go, “Oh yes. I wrote that.” And all is right with the world. Sometimes you have to unclog the drain so the water can flow. You have to get back in shape if you’ve taken a break.

Clay is ugly when you first slap it on the board. Untilled ground is hard and unforgiving. Over time with great love and work, clay is modeled and grounds turn to gardens. We have to get it out so we have something to work with. That’s why there’s the phrase “Writing is rewriting”.

There is no bad writing. Only works in progress.