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I’ve had the incredible good fortune to work with horses. One horse I work with is D’artagnan, affectionately known as Dart. Dart is incredibly smart. He tries to figure out what you’re asking him to do so he can do it before you ask. As a baby he’d let himself out of his stall. He’d slide under or jump over fences to be with other horses when he was turned out.

One thing that makes Dart really unique is he runs towards his fear. Most horses when they get frightened run from what scares them. Not Dart. If he doesn’t know what something is, if it gets his heart pounding, he’ll run towards it, ears perked. Discovered this the first time he saw a freight train (got my heart pounding, too).

Once he’s seen it and checked it out, he’s over it. He knows what it is so it doesn’t bother him. Oh that’s a windmill. Oh that’s a flag. Oh that’s a farmer on a tractor. He’s become a stronger and more fun horse to work with because of his curiosity and spirit.

Many of us could be more like Dart. Instead of running from a fear, get curious about it, face it, if not approach it. What seemed like a monster we’ll realize is a tarp blowing in the wind. Once we’ve seen it and identified it, we can move on.

P.S. Sorry this is so late in the week! I’m teaching a class on Saturday called “Inner Critic Art”. We’ll take that negative voice and turn it into something beautiful, stories you for yourself or things you can stage or publish. It’s 2-4 pm at the Jane Fargo Hotel in Sycamore, IL. $45 at the door. If you know anyone in the area or if you’re interested in attending, let me know!