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My coach jokes creatives have no trouble visualizing. They have the initial project, but as quickly they also so the sequel, trilogy, the spinoff’s and theme parks.

I think it’s a side effect of platform marketing, packaging, and being asked, “What else?” Can’t just be a standalone product anymore. It has to have these real life extensions and go forward in time for several years. We can discuss this later…

I agree with my coach. I have an idea for a web series that involves belly dancing. So we have the web series, but then we’ll have the live show in Chicago. We’ll start there then do a Midwest tour. That’ll gain traction so they’ll want us on the coasts. And because it involves country music, they’ll also want us down South. After a couple of celebrity cameos on the series, they’ll eventually want us to perform at award ceremonies. Naturally. Because, you know, that’s how we roll.

All this before I’ve written a single episode. Don’t worry, people will love it. I’ve sketched them out…

Sometimes I’ll feel overwhelmed with this snow ball planning. I see all the work to be done, how far the finish line is, and really start breaking down each event.

Sometimes, like now, I feel exhilarated. That sounds like a lot of fun. Yes a lot of work, but work I want to do.

If you get an idea and your mind is off and running, but it makes you nervous, simply write the ideas down. Acknowledge the thoughts and they’ll calm down. It doesn’t mean your life is going in a completely new direction or that you have to do them.

But that’s also how it starts and how you’re invited on a great adventure. Maybe your mind off and running means it’s on the right track.