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Some days you’re on fire. You can’t stop writing and you don’t want to. You get so much done, you can’t believe it. You have hope for the future. You’re excited.

Next day, you don’t want to see a pen and paper ever again. Your head hurts. You can actually feel your brain sore. Your entire body is tired and doesn’t want to do anything. You can’t think of anything much less anything to write.

Congratulations! You have a Creativity Hangover. Much like other hangovers, your body is going through some withdrawal after your day of fun. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t judge yourself for your writing bacchanal you had the day before. There are some adjustments you can make so you’re not binge writing, but until then…

Here are some things you can do to recharge your batteries:

Do a little bit. This isn’t a hair of the dog remedy. You want to a little something so you keep the flow. You still want to show up every day, even when you don’t want to. Keep the flow going.

Read. When your tank is empty you need fuel. No better way to fill up than reading. Now would be a great time to pick up something that inspires you from a writer you love or that book you’ve been wanting to read. This could also be a great time to branch out, try a new author or even genre.

Don’t pick up a “this is how to improve your craft” book. It might inspire you (which is great), but when you’re already tired, you might get frustrated.

Dream. It’s something we do best. Relax and let your mind play. Go outside and sit or recline inside and let it go wild. After we’ve been putting our thoroughbred minds to work, sometimes they need to be turned loose so they can be our minds.