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These are some thoughts that came up as I was recording my second video.

1) You look like you have Bells Palsy or a stroke. You look like you have a something. I have an asymmetrical face, I’m very aware of that. But on video, the left side of my face is much higher and my left eye is melting off my face. I don’t know if it’s a residual effect of my TBI. I don’t photo well. I don’t film well. Great.

2)I know you love British comedy, but do your teeth have to be an ode to British dentistry? Or are you just outing yourself as the hick you try so hard to deny? Country inside and out. I created a character (before vampires were popular, thank you very much) called Vicki Half-Vamp because it looked like I have fangs on one side. Double canines are not sexy. They make it look like you have holes in your mouth. When we get money, we need to do something about the teeth. Or get into ventriloquism.

3)For someone who wants to be a comedian, you’re really not funny. Glad you put that disclaimer at the top, otherwise I’d feel sorry for you (already “blessing your little heart” for trying, but c’mon).

4) Are you the next Ed Woods? What, we do 2 takes and you’re done? What production were you involved in.

5) No, it’s not all that funny but it’s not a bad little story. It’s heartfelt and honest. Your goal was to do a video and you did a video.

In conclusion:
It’s your second of many. You won’t let yourself get worse (or at least you won’t post them!).