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It never ceases to amaze me how mean people are to others. Like it’s entertainment. But it’s funny. No, it’s not. Finding something someone was born with or has developed hilarious is not funny.

There’s no excuse for people at any age to go out of their way to be mean, but adults? Really? In a video I thank one guy for saving us the time deducing he was an a-hole. He flaunted it for us.

It was at my gym again. One of the regulars has Cerebral Palsy. He’s done great work and is looking good. Yeah, you can tell he has Cerebral Palsy but you can also tell I haven’t been working my glutes.

Well, some of the guys in the weight area thought he was hilarious. Nothing he was doing. Just his existence. Look, he’s all gnarled and sh*t. I almost vomited. They tried to pick up weights mimicking his turned in limbs. Guess what? They couldn’t do it because it’s hard. I would’ve cracked them in the nuts but there wouldn’t have been anything there to crack. Instead one of the trainers who looks like a gladiator decided to talk to the boys. They thought they were getting a free session, but he figured out how to make death look like an accident.

If you are going after people like it’s open season, that’s a sign you need to deal with the pain you’re trying to fight, ignore, and pretend is there. No weight lifting is going to solve that.