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My venue fell through at the last minute so I held my show in my front yard. We live on a five acre farmette, heavy on the “ette”. There’s a little mound in the middle so I’d stand on that to speak, kind of an Earth stage. My parents handled the fact people were about to ascend in their yard very well, I’m very grateful. No one took it harder than Sunny, a former barn cat turned indoor cat with day pass privileges.

Sunny has long white hair with an orange cap and some spots. No matter what he gets into he keeps that long hair clean. Excellent hunter. No mole is safe.

Sunny sauntered the ground like the salted veteran he was. Three hours to put up a show. He’d complain later, right now he had to figure out how he was getting this thing off the ground. I expected to see him run by with a string of Christmas lights in his mouth, dragging them across the grass. “All right this is all we got. This will have to do.”

He looked across the turnout. “That’s going to eat sound alive. Oh boy.” He sauntered, his shoulder blades popping like a lion on the Serengeti. We didn’t see him for a couple minutes. He reappeared on the birdhouse. Six feet in the air. Staring at the “stage”. “All right, we can hang a spot from this if we absolutely have to. I need to know if we have to.”

He sat under the tree as I did a run through. He trotted up half way through my first piece and climbed up the mound to me. “Hang on, something’s not coming through. We’re missing you in back.” He circled my feet. “Gimme something.” He stared back to the tree as I spoke. “Yeah I think that’s working. We’ll go with that.” And he trotted back to the tree.

After the show my parents and I talked about how it went. Sunny walked languidly around my feet. He looked exhausted.  I told him he did a good job. He looks up at me.
“Stay in the damn spot. Didn’t hang it for my health. It’s not a search light.” He looked up at my dad, who is a sound and lighting designer. “Lights up, she’s playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ onstage. Oh I felt moved to go down stage left. Well can your muse communicate with the booth?” Disgusted he went to break down his rig.

Never irritate the lighting guy.