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I’ve been swimming in redneck-edness for the last 72 hours for an article. I was compiling Redneck Life Hacks. I loved looking at some of the pictures that claimed to be “OMG so Redneck!” and I’m wondering what is supposed to be out of place.

I found the definition of “redneck” many were using interesting. Jeff Foxworthy at one of his shows defined it as “the glorious absence of sophistication.” I think that’s a fair working definition. Some of the pictures I didn’t consider redneck. Some were plain stupid from little boy pranks to staged photos.

To be “redneck” I think it needs to come naturally to a certain extent, you know, from within. There also has to be a rural element to it. You can’t be in a subdivision, make something work for the time being and call it “redneck.”

Maybe there needs to be a time limit on the situation. I found it interesting if there was a pinch, an emergency when guest were coming over, and depending who did any of those examples, they’d be considered clever, even a genius. It’d be proof of their resourcefulness and funny story to tell later.

But make do, make something work until you can afford to fix it, well… or have no intention of replacing it. If it still works, it’s not broke. It still works, it still works. Loosen up.

What do you think defines “redneck”? Leave a comment below.