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I hate checking out a truck, hearing it growl, smile about the possibilities, then seeing in the back window, “No Fat Chicks.” It’s like eff you. Those are a couple of seconds I will never get back, positive thoughts crushed to dust. Now I’m just irritated. Those stickers really irritate me only seconded by the variation, “Lift it! Fat chicks can’t jump.”

It was something I wanted to talk about in my show but didn’t know how to do it elegantly. Then dawned on me…McSweeney’s has Open Letters to People Most Likely Not to Respond and they’re well-written, poised rants. So I wrote an Open Letter to “Guys Who Have No Fat Chick Stickers”. I love it! It adds something new to the show and I’m going to send it to McSweeney’s to see if they’ll print it. If it doesn’t, I’ll post it here.

Or you could hear it live Wednesday, April 29th at 8pm at Gorilla Tango Theater in Chicago. I’m debuting my show “How to Field Dress in Lilly Pulitzer”. It’ll be fun!

How’d you handle something that irritates you? Let me know below.