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I performed for the first time at The Moth story slam last Tuesday at Martyr’s in Chicago. It was amazing.

I was running late but it was meant to be as I made incredible time to the city and found free parking a street over.

Because it was at Martyr’s, I brought quarter sheets promoting my show, “How to Field Dress in Lilly Pulitzer”. They looked so sweet and wholesome next to the bright colors and artwork of all the punk flyers.

I signed up to perform. It’s a lottery—you put your name in and get ready but you may not get to perform. I stood on the wall and organized what I was going to say. The theme for the night was Adventure and I was telling a story about my trip to China. I forgot about stakes (says a little bit about my writing, doesn’t it?).

I loved the host Brian Babylon (who is recording a comedy show at The Laugh Factory May 8th and 9th) said no hecklers if you heckle I will stop the show and roast you like this is a south side comedy club. He made quips about the travel stories so when my name was called I braced for afterwards.

The microphone was over my head—I’m not kidding. The sound guy lowered it. I took off my glasses so the lights wouldn’t glare off them. I also feel more confident without them. People laughed at the appropriate moments and I enjoyed the warm expanding sensation in my body as I delivered my story. Being onstage is the greatest high and I’m becoming addicted to it. I love sharing stories and I love how people listen.

I shook Mr. Babylon’s hand as I left the stage. He was very nice. “Well, I learned something. You can be a tea connoisseur.” Maybe they feel sorry for me or it’s something else about my smiley presence, sometimes people are like, “Aw, You can’t kill the kitten.” Or they feel my shredding wouldn’t be worth their while. People were very kind and said I did well.

The judges awarded me 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2. I was thrilled. It was off the cuff, not rehearsed. My goal was just to get up and perform.

There were many talented storytellers that night, from one of the young women who worked at Martyr’s and returned to her shift after performing, to a Kerouac-esque , to a man who shared his experience coming to the United States and opened many listener’s minds, eyes, and hearts (You travelled to Nicuargua for fun? He didn’t see his mother for months and compared running across the border to a 5K). I was honored to be in the line up with them.

Have you seen The Moth? What’d you think? Let me know below. Thanks!

Also, if you’re in the Chicago area I’d love to see you at my show 4/29 at Gorilla Tango Theatre. Go here for tickets and more details.