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I’m with Luke Bryan— rain is a good thing. Unless you’re trying to sleep. Then eff it. As his song goes “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes…” Cora very happy and social. If I’m awake I love rain. Hearing it hit leaves, the colors, the energy. Love getting caught in the rain. Honest. Singing, dancing, playing in the rain is one way to make me smile.

Picture from MorgueFile.

Picture from MorgueFile.

Drive in it? Not so much. Sleep? Heck no.

Some people are all about it. “Oh good!” they’ll say with relief when they hear we’re in for storms sundown to sunrise. It means they’ll sleep soundly. Good for them.

I hear there’s going to be rain all night, I know I either need to take a sleeping pill or pace myself because I’m going to be up all night. Read. Focus on my breathing. Meditate. Maybe listen to a Mystery Science Theater 3000 (last resort). Quiet, restful stuff because slumber and I will not be meeting that night. Since I know my coveted function is going to be a no show no point in getting upset.

Everyone wins. Rain makes corn, something this town is known for. The corn makes whiskey, which makes memories, good and bad, and inspired the creation of a distillery in a town known for corn, creating jobs and hope. I get to hear the rain hit leaves, the original rain bells.