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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know about some changes coming up, a sprucing up of the blog if you will.

I enjoy writing, blogging, and sharing stories several times a week but I feel I’ve had kind of a buckshot/grab bag method. I want people to know what to expect when they arrive (or at least have an idea).

I have trouble deciding on a singular topic to focus on. I’m currently turning my one woman show, How to Field Dress in Lily Pulitzer, into a book. The show explored my identity crisis when I woke up and suddenly liked country music. It led  me to accept my country and city girl identities and how they came together to create me. I also love working out and people have enjoyed stories about becoming healthier and more fit. I also write about everything in between from my love of Chicago, working with people with Autism, to the joys of dating.

I share all of these stories at live lit events so I’m going to share them here as well. I just wanted to let you know I’ll be trying some new things on here. They might work. They might need further tweaking. It’s a work in progress. I appreciate your patience and, as always, let me know what you think.