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I never thought I’d say this but I’d like to thank God for a barista. His name is David (or Dave) and he works at one of the St. Charles Starbucks. He did something incredibly simple that helped me get through the day (he also made a great mocha).

Being positive and spiritual has been very challenging since midday New Years Day. Challenges are here to teach us lessons. I’m not sure what the lesson is yet. I know I’m in control of my thoughts, my experiences, but when you’re in the middle of it, it’s hard to be spiritual and operate from a higher self. I also know that’s why the challenges are here, to help us evolve, and I know it’s the best time to operate from a higher self. I suck sometimes, okay?

I returned to this Starbucks (because when I first arrived I thought I was at the wrong Starbucks–I wasn’t) and was charmed to find out I was paying for my drink because it just fit with my day. That’s when David took my order.

“How’s your day going?” he asked as I found money (because my card doesn’t work).

“I’ve had better,” I answered, which is what I wanted to tell the bank, but didn’t get to.

“I hear you. It’s just been nonstop since I’ve got in,” he said some other cute phrases, but was drowned out by the din. “Anything in particular?”

“Life,” I said. Dramatic, but to the point. I tipped him and went to wait for my drink.

A girl called my order.

“And I have a message,” she said as she folded a small bag. “The message is, ‘Life can suck, but cookies can make it all better.’ These are from David.” And my heart thawed. Everything would be okay. I wanted to run over, thank him, talk to him more, but I was on a date and felt that wasn’t a good idea. I should’ve broken my five and tipped more.

My daily meditation asked me to give the universe another chance to give me what I want. I breathed that in and my world turned to Pompei (again dramatic, but to the point). I know there is goodness and everything will be okay. The ground has been rumbling, but I kept going. The sleeping giant erupted today and asked what was I going to do? I wanted to go back to when I felt better, when I coached myself through what was happening. Today I couldn’t outrun the ashes and was starting to panic. Then I got cookies and I saw skylight. A paper bag containing cookies was the universe rubbing my shoulder saying, “Hey. It’s okay.”

It’s amazing how a random, simple act of kindness can stop falling rocks and prevent you from becoming a statue covered in ashes.