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I’ve written a series of letters to my abs to lighten up training. You can read the first one here. If you talk to someone about improving their performance, you expect them to show they’ve taken it to heart and get it together. Well, my abs nodded and said they understood. I had to talk to them again.

Dear Abs,

Hi. We had a great talk the other day. Really felt like we got somewhere.

Today we did pikes on the TRX bands and you were a no show. Hip flexors and quads showed up in force. I’m not sure if they owed you a favor after leg day and lifting. Even when we put a majority of the weight over our hands, you were still no where to be found.

Pikes are hard, I get it. I’m concerned because you didn’t show up during other exercises. Hollow outs– I was hollow all right. My back rolled up like a carpet and I looked like an ode to a foot bridge. Bicycle–you were off to the races somewhere else.

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything you couldn’t do. You do great work and I’m giving you an opportunity to not only grow, but shine.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.