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Writing letters to body parts does feel silly, but it did help my training and improve my working relationship with something I’ve struggled to understand for years. You’d think after the first and second letter, they’d get the hint. We’d be wrong. As you cannot fire a body part I used it as an opportunity to flex my empathy.


I’ve talked to hip flexors and quads and they’re going to take a backseat. You are such an asset to this team. I know you can really shine and be the star.

Right now you are making it harder for the other muscle groups when you don’t show up for your exercises. I know you’re not intending to cause problems and hearing that probably upset you. When we do exercises with your name on the billing, you need to show up. It can’t be all quad during knee in’s on the TRX bands. They do a lot of other stuff, as do you. We are a team and I want you to become the leader I know you can be.

I believe there are multiple ways to reach a goal. We are reaching this goal. We will be doing more exercises incorporating other muscles so you won’t be on that stage by yourself. We’ve reached out to the Visualization Dept in the Mind and they’ve agreed to work up a new routine for your solo work. You will never be alone with this much support.

Looking forward to you being in the limelight.