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Working out is my therapy and my antidepressant. It’s something I can do to channel my thoughts and tune out the world. Focusing on form, feeling the move in my body, feeling individual fibers pull or marvel at the mechanics  redirects my thoughts to something positive. While working out in general will heal and renew me, two things in particular are very therapeutic.

Ball Slams. Pick up the medicine ball. Swing it over your head with all your might, your power, your being, and slam that effer into the floor. You cannot break the ball and you cannot break the floor. It’s fantastic. You will feel like a workout wizard when you pick that ball up and feel all your energy and power rush up like a wave and then slam down like you’re parting continents. The Gandolf of the Gains. You shall not pass.

The sound is magnificent as it echoes throughout the gym. Other gym goers know shit’s going down and you feel like a bad ass. Win-win. You’re also doing cardio utilizing your entire body. Pair it with a burpee for more cardio (my favorite) so it’d be slam, burpee, slam, burpee.

If you are into visualizing your frustration/anger, this is for you. Make the ball or floor your anger and enjoy.

Running. Running makes everything all better. Yes I do like the physical state of running. It’s somehow like meditation–I trust my body, let it take over and just cruise. I leave the TV screen off and focus on my widow’s peak (sexy) and watch my ponytail go right, left, right, left. It takes me back to when I worked with horses and my ponytail would synchronize with their tails, both going right, left, right, left.

What I like to do is jog for 1 minute 30 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds, returning to the jog. I’ll keep the same jog speed, but continue to up my sprint. How fast can I go? Where’s the tap out point? I haven’t found it,  but I have found a quiet mind filled with hope for the future after 30 minutes.