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One of the blocks I’ve had to losing weight and I know it’s silly but it make sense to me is if I lose weight I’ll need to buy new clothes. The clothes i wear now don’t fit the best. When I continue to tone and lose fat, they really won’t fit and I won’t feel confident. I’ll need to buy new clothes. And there’s the block.

I know it’s silly, but we need to identify all blocks even the silly ones if we’re going to address a situation. I don’t like to go clothes shopping. I don’t like to go shopping unless I know what I’m getting. I don’t like trying on several pairs of pants to learn none of them fit and I don’t want to ding my new confidence thinking I went down a size when nope just redistributed. I get frustrated when I know what I want but can’t find it.

After looking at the block I’m able to see how it relates to other beliefs. Shopping relates to money and having money to spend on clothes. Losing weight in my  mind meant cleansing my whole wardrobe at one time and going on a costly shopping spree. That idea made me tense up. That’s not what it means.

Reaching my goals will take a little time. I’ve worked. with a stylist to identify what styles I really like. I can grow into these new looks. I can cycle them into my wardrobe. I’ll want to show off my results. I’m feeling better in my body already and know it’s safe (which is a whole other topic).

It seems silly but the idea I’d have to go shopping and spend lots of money was preventing me from moving forward on my fitness goals. It was real to me. I was able to move on by admitting the fear and addressing each situation.