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Some people like to start the new year with a clean slate. I started with my mind being blown.

New Year’s Eve I worked out with my trainer. Between sets I told her about an article I pinned on Pinterest about a woman who got ready for her first bikini competition in 11 weeks starting at 27% body fat. That’s where my body fat was so I knew where she was starting, where that felt like. It sounded amazing.

“Oh yeah,” my trainer said. “You can totally do that.” She continued getting ready in a year was more reasonable and so you don’t mentally burn out or get frustrated. But if I was interested,  I could totally train for a bikini competition.

That idea blew my mind. Part of it’s her job to be encouraging and optimistic, but it also felt different to me. I brought up genetics because that’s been an excuse I’ve used. I’m big boned and come from bigger people. She shook her head. No, not really a factor.

Blew my mind. The idea I could get to 12% body fat if I wanted to. It opened new space in my mind to consider not “What if?” but true possibility. It was a road I could take. I could do it if I wanted to, a concept I’m very aware of and have heard before in many situations in my life, but it sunk in there on the bench between sets of Bulgarian squats and calf raises on New Year’s Eve.

I became very aware of the limits my mind has set. I hate how cliche I’m sounding, but I saw them in new light and it was eye opening. I do believe how you do one thing you do all things. Reoccurring fears or challenges shows up in other areas of your life and you may not even realize it (or realize it but don’t know what to do about it). The blowing up of my mind created an avalanche of other dreams and goals I’ve had but either lost momentum or saw an insurmountable ceiling because of “facts” or past experiences. It was no longer “What if this happened” but “this could happen.” I could achieve it all.

Everything I thought I couldn’t have I could experience from publishing to performing to dating someone I actually liked and found attractive. My life would be unrecognizable. I would be unrecognizable. In good ways. And I was okay with that. And my mind was blown again.