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I’ve been experimenting with different ab/core exercises to see what my body enjoys most. I’m not looking for easy. I’m looking for a challenge. I realized I’ve been doing my go to moves for several years. My body goes in autopilot when I bust them out. I crave a burn without ripping out my back or exhausting my hip flexors.

I saw a Pilates-inspired workout using resistance bands. It looked different and fun. Either it would be what I was looking for or very frustrating.

I staked my claim to the far dual cable machine, using the outer edge of the machine as my anchor. No way could I pull it over. First I thought the band would be too short. No way could I put my feet in the handles and have room to lay down. I shoved my feet in the handles way farther than needed; they were not popping out and sending the bands flying. Proved myself wrong–the band stretches creating resistance. Smarts.

There was a quiet as I let my abs play, exploring the movements. The writer recommended 8-10 reps. I did 12-15 except for the bicycle. I did 30 reps. My abs were singing they were so happy. I was so excited and grateful they were having fun. I loved the controlled movements as if I were moving through mud, relishing the resistance both ways. So did my abs.

I found their element. It was like asking them to play football when all they wanted to do was ballet. After all their hard work and sacrifice, I’m glad to find what makes them happy.

My whole body was happy. It felt at peace and unified. I could feel it thank me. No problem. My pleasure.