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One of my worst habits at the gym occurs when I’m on the treadmill. They have little TV screens on them. I keep mine off, but I’ve developed a horrible habit of checking out other people’s screens.

I don’t want anything on in front of me. It sometimes bothers my eyes and most of the time I can’t find anything I’d like to watch. I don’t have cable so I don’t know the channels and spend most of my time playing channel roulette: change the channel, wait…no, not interested, repeat.

Usually the person next to me has something interesting on. I have no idea what channel and never can find it (because why ask them what channel?). So I’ll just check out their screen every now and then. A little more now than then, especially if you have subtitles on.

I have pretty good peripherals so I can watch out of the corner of my eye. Eventually the whites of my eyes irritate people. They breath a little heavier or just turn the screen off. I try to catch myself turning my face and I usually pick up on the person next to me looking more concerned. I am intruding. I am being rude. I don’t like people watching me workout so I understand others not liking it either.

Almost learned my lesson once. The woman on the treadmill ahead of me watched a big game hunting show and they slaughtered the animal right there center screen. That’ll teach me.

I now primarily run on the treadmill so I’ve gotten my bad habit in check. But if I’m cooling down, watch your screens.