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When I learned a side effect of a new medication was gaining anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds, I wanted to give my trainer a heads up so we could work out a plan. I felt awkward.

I prefaced it with, “At risk of TMI…”

“Oh that’s nothing,” she responded. And I realized I didn’t crack the Top Ten of TMI.

It’s amazing what we tell out trainers. Because they’re helping us reshape our bodies and lives we feel comfortable with them and use our sessions as confessionals.Part of it is because it’s a relationship based on trust and feeling safe. They measure us, weigh us, ask us what we ate (what we really ate).

After they take our physical measurements, they get all the other weight, all the why’s (why we’re stress eating, why we were out late, why we are here) so they know what they’re dealing with. They don’t  sit you down and interview you. I’ve found we offer up the information. We want to feel better all around.

I felt like I was pushing it on what I share with my trainer. My trainer and I have similar interests, personalities, approaches to life, and values so between sets we talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I was disappointed when a guy ghosted. I told her I was going over what I had done to see where I could improve.

“No!” she said. She was usually laid back and playful, but this was drill sergeant bark. “You never second guess what you did.” And that is why she’s my trainer.

We go into details we omit with others.  I shared my depression spiraled out of control and she almost lost me as a client, she didn’t blink but shared what worked for her. At the end of our session, she told me to text her if my schedule changes, locking eyes with me and dropping her chin so I pick up what she really means. And that’s why she’s my trainer.

Part of it is we’re the center of someone’s attention for a period of time. I’ve heard people share about divorces, discovering someone was embezzling from a trust, to bowel movements. And they all listen, nodding, adding, asking questions. They may vent about us in the back room, but I’ve been grateful for my trainer’s ear.