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I’m sending my triceps some love today. We used to not get along. It was a one-sided dislike because it was me not liking them, the bat wings, the wave that kept waving after you stopped. They are one of my favorite muscles to work now after trying some new things.

Success is experimenting and finding what your body likes to do. Happy body, happy you. I used to not like working my triceps because either they felt weak and I felt they’d take a lifetime to tone or they weren’t strong enough to do the exercise so I would only be able to do 3 reps. I couldn’t find a mid ground.

Now my triceps are like little kids turned loose on a playground. They love everything I toss at them. They love simple yet effective. They love to show off how much weight they can take. They love trying new exercises. I used to do triceps extensions with a resistance band. That was pretty much all I did for triceps because I felt dips in my shoulders, not my triceps. They love doing extensions with dumbbells and kettle bells, full extensions or stopping at 90 degrees.

They love triceps pull downs on a machine. It is their favorite I’ve never seen a muscle so happy (besides my abs when they met the resistance band workout). They are like a little kid on slide or something they can climb and they’re like,”Watch, watch, watch!”

The sore is such a specific, delicious burn. Now that I’ve found what they like I look forward to working them and the burn afterwards.