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I didn’t get the big deal about working your back. Felt like their were articles everywhere. it was all about the back. “Look Great in a Backless Dress!” The only people I know who wear backless dresses walk red carpets. That’s not me so I skipped those articles. The other articles featured physique models who I greatly respect but don’t want that v-shaped upper body.

My back was a touchy subject. I had back challenges in high school. Dancing and training horses mixed with weak ab muscles didn’t mix well. I had knots, rips, and vertebrae  touching in ways they shouldn’t.

I was nervous when my trainer said we were working my back because of my history. One thing I promise my trainer is I will never refuse. I may not look good doing something, but I will try it. I pictured days of walking funny, stilted steps, grimacing but assuring people I was fine.

It was like fanning away fog. Fear dissipated once I got started. Working your back feels so good.I’m addicted to it. It feels like a deep muscle massage. Not a typical one, but small muscles are loosening and freeing themselves up, really feel the different layers on my back. Different styles of row, really flexing at the top (yeah-I get to say flex).

When we did back extensions I thought this was it. This would be the one to rip everything out. Nope. Now I do four sets with a plate.

It’s a balance, some might say crap shoot. If you have back challenges (and depending what all is involved) you may need to work your back in order to make it stronger and make it feel better. That was my case. And it’s provided a great foundation for my ab and core work. Now that my back is stronger, I’m feeling my ab work really come alive.

Has there been a muscle you have been nervous to work then fallen in love with? Let me know.

Have a great weekend!