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Many of us associate “weight loss” with “getting fit”, but when the number on the scale is slow to move or motionless it can become frustrating. I shared in another post how the mind shift from weight loss to fat loss changed my game. I also created some different benchmarks to note my progress.

  1. My work out capris from high school fit better now than they did in high school.
  2. I am comfortable using the squat rack and enjoy lifting heavy.
  3. I enjoy the “wringing out” or “juicing” sensation on certain oblique moves.
  4. I can say I have abs and it not be part of a joke.
  5. I can run for 40 minutes, nonstop, and feel better than when I started, not like I’m going to die.
  6. I’m considered one of the “health nuts” or “fitness freaks” among friends and coworkers.
  7. I have cheekbones. My trainer commented on how much slimmer my face is.
  8. I can wear sweatpants over my work out pants and not feel packed in.
  9. My body feels better overall. It has more and cleaner energy.
  10. I have a greater appreciation for my body and a more positive relationship with it.

These are benchmarks I can control and gauge better than a number on a scale. I can appreciate the journey more by focusing on how far I have come. I remember the disbelief I had when I ran 20 minutes nonstop for the first time. I didn’t think I could do it. When I put on my capris, bracing for the sausage casing jokes I would tell myself, I couldn’t believe how comfy they were.

These are better indicators to me I’m heading in the right direction, closer to my goals, than my weigh in.

What are your benchmarks?