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I forget about my shoulders. The shruggers. The part fun to isolate when you do jazz dance or shimmy in belly dance. They’re just there at the edges of my body. I didn’t think targeting them would make a whole lot of difference, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been doing my trainer’s favorite workout split and working in some shoulder specific moves on the upper body days. As I said, I didn’t think too much of my shoulders. They really responded quickly to the attention.

My shoulders really appreciated the acknowledgement. They were like a wallflower at a dance or the kid hanging back arms crossed, checking out the grass, hanging back from the crowd because they knew they weren’t going to get included. But then they hear their name and perk up. Not only are they being included, they’re being featured. Sure, they’ll lift that. Sure, they’ll bend like that.

It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m already seeing a difference in how they make my upper body look. They give nicer lines and curves. My upper body didn’t run together. There was some definition and identification. This is the chest. This is a shoulder. This is the arm.

I found myself looking at some spring dresses differently because I was more confident showing my shoulders. It’s amazing how small changes make a huge difference.