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This feels like an awkward gear shift after Monday’s post, but here we go…

Many people I’ve found find clean eating hard. There was some discomfort in the very beginning, but I don’t miss certain foods.

What I find most challenging about clean eating is making sure my food options are ready and available when I will need them. During the week for work it’s not a problem. I get my snacks and lunch ready in their little containers and fit them in my lunch bag with the skill of an engineer.

I don’t do the meal prep marathon some people do (i.e.making enough meat on Sunday to last until next Sunday). I could allow myself more time on Sunday to try this, plan meals out even more, because I think the food will be fine a week later. I make my food for Monday through Friday then think, “No problem. I’ll cook as I go on the weekend.”

That’s what I think. At work I have my food ready so I can eat when I’m ready and hungry. On the weekend I find I’m defrosting chicken getting hangry or eye balling the Ramen saying that looks good. If I add two eggs I’m getting protein. And it’ll be ready in a few minutes.

I site a lot of memes, I’m sorry, but like many things there is some truth to them. There’s a meme that reminds me, “When I eat like crap, I feel like crap” (I’ll expand on this in a later post, you lucky dogs you). Another reminds me, “You are what you eat. Don’t be fake, cheap, or easy”. Yes, Ramen would be easier, but there’s not much good to it. It’s like a place holder for real food, a filler so your stomach doesn’t growl.

I don’t get sick of my clean eating options. I actually really enjoy them. I just need to make sure I have enough of them and ready so I can keep it up.