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We’ve all had those distracting pangs. You want something. There is a void in your soul, you’re certain a snack that you do not have will find that void and you’ll arrive in nirvana.

I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying cravings, slowing down and deciphering whether I’m actually hungry or just stressed and wanting to feel better. The next step has been qualifying the food. Do I really want that or does it just sound good?

I’ve learned the hard way nothing has tasted as good as I think it should. The tortilla chips that have sounded so good for the last two weeks leave me as empty as their calories. That’s dramatic, but also accurate for me. A couple of times I’ve allowed myself to try something that isn’t on my clean eating plan but sounds good and it hasn’t been worth it.

Popcorn has been worth it to the point it has now become a problem. Mexican food has been worth it until the day after then the bloated bumper pad around my body has me questioning why I did it.

Overall I’ve found it more rewarding to stick to my clean eating, reminding myself how I have felt disappointed by the other snacks and how my body feels when I deviate from clean eating. It’s amazing how different it feels when I deviate: sluggish, sick, crashes. When you sugar the tank, the car doesn’t get very far.

You can tell I indulge still, but it’s mindful and nowhere near as often as I used to.