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Thank you for all the kind inquiries where I was. I really appreciate it. I took the week off from blogging to rest, recuperate, and get back into the flow of my day job.

I wanted to share a story that happened a couple of weeks ago. I thought the thoughts and my reactions were interesting (well, to me at least, because it happened to me).

I was working out at the gym. It was back and biceps day. I was doing bicep curls on the row machine. You lay back on the bench and curl the bar as you would do a normal bicep curl. It sounds fun and it is fun. It’s a cool move. It also feels like you are ripping your bicep from the bone.

I was already physically and emotionally tired. Finishing the third set I was pretty sure I could feel the threads of my bicep threatening to leave the bone. I sat up and thought, “Why am I doing this?” and the question didn’t stem from something substantial like evaluating my goals. My thoughts fascinated me.

I thought about how my best friend recently became engaged. Two other friends got engaged. Another friend got in a relationship. Why am I doing this? A majority of the women I know who are married or in relationships do not work out or watch what they eat. I am incredibly happy for them, do not get me wrong, but in my moment of weakness my thoughts were why am I doing this when they didn’t? Why am I stressing over eating a gram of protein per pound of body weight when a friend ignores her doctor instructed dietary needs and gets engaged?

When I studied for LSATS, I learned about scope shifts. It’s where you start off an argument or idea but end somewhere else, making sense but the listener can’t quite see the segue. It’s like a tangent with a strategic purpose. I love my scope shifts. They’re quite entertaining now, but I love word games.

The thoughts just came up and I was to observe them. I was tired and frustrated. Almost like energy bursts, little last ditch efforts.

“You enjoy doing this.” I replied. “This is your you time. This is your body’s playtime. You’re doing this for your health, that should be on the list.”

“Your trainer has a boyfriend. Heidi Somers (Buff Bunny) has a boyfriend. Amanda Latona met her husband working out. Your relationship status has nothing to do with whether or not you eat clean or workout. It does showcase your values and finding compatible values changes your relationship status.”

“And this has nothing to do with your fourth set…” So I finished my set.

I just thought it was interesting how thoughts pop up and we have to calm ourselves like children.

All the best!