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I got home from work on Tuesday and I slept. Friends were saying they were sick. Work had a meeting about people getting sick. I thought the discussion of all the reported symptoms was psychosomatic; because I heard everyone’s throat hurt and felt queasy, I thought that’s why I felt sore and queasy. Nope. Got home and had a fever. I was hot. I was freezing. I went to bed.

For the rest of the week I woke up feeling worse. It was like a traffic jam in my throat complete with idling motors and smog. Once I got moving I felt fine. The adrenaline of the day took over.

I continued to work out, especially hard on Friday because I had energy. Woke up Saturday and everything I had been fighting hit and added sinuses. Delightful.

Since I couldn’t breath I opted not to workout. It’s frustrating being sidelined by sickness. I used to bull through things. I respect people who bull through things. I immediately made it mean I was weak and not dedicated.

I decided to make it an opportunity for self care, healing and rest. I made it about listening to my body and since I don’t have to work weekends anymore I could take it easy. I’ve also noticed every time I start to level up, I get physically sick as if it’s clearing out the impurities.

So I’m using this time to rest and hydrate. I’ve used the time to practice my breathing and work on my mental game. You become really aware of your thoughts when you have to sit.

While I am disappointed I don’t get to workout, it’s turned into a pleasant weekend of other gains.