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I’ve wanted to try Zumba for several years. I used to dance and it just looks like a lot of fun.

“Did you hear we’re getting Zumba?” my trainer asked. No! It’s free with our membership. The first class was next Thursday. How exciting! I signed up. If you signed up, you have to show up. I’m sure it’s to see how much interest there is and whether or not they’ll keep it.

Well I’m also in a storytelling show, Everything That Rises, that goes up in May. I’m excited about it. The theme is Judgement and I love my story. The director emailed me and said my first rehearsal is Thursday.

So…career or fun? I was leaning more towards “fun” because I need to get gas, drive the 90 minutes to Chicago and find parking where there is no parking. None.

And I miss the first Zumba class. It sounds like the lamest excuse ever but I was excited about it. I also signed up and now I’m not showing up so I’m afraid they won’t hold it again. They’ll hold it again there were several names on the list.

It’s a great conflict to have. Options on a weekday, both empowering, fun, and heading towards greater goals.

Of course I’m going to rehearsal and it will be inspiring and fun. There will always be Zumba.