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I’ve been watching a couple of different fitness models on YouTube. I started watching them because I wanted to know what it took to become a fitness model. I wanted to see what fitness was like at that level. I also wanted more motivation, inspiration, and all around fun, positive people in my life.

Many of them take you through their days, show you how they workout and what they eat. They’re fun to watch because they’re fun girls who have worked incredibly hard to achieve a level of fitness they wanted. I really appreciate how honest and vulnerable they are on the videos. They also share what the turning point where they committed to fitness.

On a personal level they helped me face some judgements and grow. When I first started watching the videos, to be honest I said, “You’re hot of course you’re getting sponsored.” I’d look like that if I was paid to or was sponsored. I made it a me vs. them thing. The judgements were uncalled for. I didn’t know these women personally. I learned through the videos they worked to get where they are. They looked like that before they got sponsored. I also learned the type of girl I used to scoff at can actually be really nice, bright, and genuine.

Three of my favorites are:

Heidi Somers aka Buff Bunny: My trainer recommended her to me. I immediately bristled when I saw the long blonde hair and small waist. The judgement dissolved when I watched a couple of her videos. I really enjoy her personality and energy. Heidi is very bright, very funny, and very committed to fitness. I really respected her when I learned she was premed and assisted in surgeries until she realized she was more interested in nutrition and fitness.

She’s my favorite. I love spending time with her on YouTube and Instagram.

Nikki Blackketter: I found Nikki through Pinterest actually. Someone pinned her and said how much they like her and her videos so I found her and her videos. I like the intensity she brings to her workouts. I do many of the same moves and reps. she’s shaking after some workouts.

She also did a series of videos about her breakup and how working out helped her through it. They really resonated with me–even hot chicks go through break ups.

Jen Heward aka Hunny Buns: I discovered Jen through Buff Bunny. They did a couple of photo shoots and videos together. She has some great workout ideas and cardio alternatives.

Is there anyone you follow for motivation or inspiration? Let me know.