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I follow many brands, magazines, and athletes on Instagram. I enjoy the little glimpses into their lives, the quick updates, and bite-size motivation. The only awkward aspect of following so many fitness feeds on Instagram is my feed is full of skin.

It has made people do double takes. I’m rarely on my phone so when it is out people tune in. They’ll peek over my shoulder to see what’s Cora looking at. I can hear their eyes widen as glistening glutes go by.

A simple scroll will reveal several smiling bikini clad women. The guys never show up first in the feed, but that’s okay. I find these brands (Live Fit, Gym Shark and Better Bodies) and athletes inspiring. That’s why I follow them and want to hear from them. The brands show new clothes and styling ideas using my favorite athletes. I get to see how clothes hang on them, how they present themselves, and see where I’m heading.

I can appreciate another woman’s body. I find more inspiration from women’s bodies because I am one. I know how it works and know how much work she’s put in. I’m motivated to join them, to be associated with them, to inspire others to take care of their bodies.

It must be a little awkward to overhear women talking about other women’s bodies with respect but also in a similar tone the way car guys talk about parts on a classic car. Did you see her abs? I love her abs. She does this, this, and this. Yeah and did you see Emily’s abs? She does this, this, and this. But it’s just admiration. I love learning and new information creates variety. I didn’t know I loved ab circles until my trainer shared them with me.

It was just a funny realization I had: I see fitness and goals while others see scantily clad shiny women.

Have you ever had an awkward Instagram moment? Let me know.

Also, let’s find each other on Instagram! If you follow me, I’ll follow you. @coravasseur