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I’m participating in Bodybuilding.com’s Still In It competition. This week’s challenge discusses healthy eating. My healthy eating has been my challenge area as I have no problem going to the gym and working hard there. It’s become a lot stronger, but I’m continuing to work on it. The challenge made me think of a phrase I’ve used for motivation.

There’s a phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I’ve heard it attributed to Kate Moss and several others. It’s great to say and remind yourself when well meaning people offer you doughnuts from a family owned bakery or it’s Taco Tuesday. But I don’t want to be skinny. I want to be fit and look it. I want to be bad ass. I adapted the phrase to “Nothing tastes as good as fit feels” but that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t specific enough. What is fit? What exactly am I looking for when I’m turning down a sweet I used to not think twice about? That wasn’t cutting me to the quick.

Here are 10 alternatives to “Nothing tastes as good as…” that have moved me.

  1. Nothing tastes as good as peace of mind.
  2. Nothing tastes as good as being proud of yourself.
  3. Nothing tastes as good as discipline feels. It’s not denying yourself, it’s choosing to take care of yourself. #Smallwins.
  4. Nothing tastes as good as clean eating feels. Stable, consistent energy and…
  5. Nothing tastes as good as abs feel. Abs are made in the kitchen. You can do as many off the wall, innovative or classic ab and core routines, but the truth is April clean eating brings May abs.
  6. Nothing tastes as good as the skinny jeans becoming the baggy jeans. True story.
  7. Nothing tastes as good as confidence feels. You stood up for yourself, your future and your goals. Well done.
  8. Nothing tastes as good as new identity feels. Identifying as an athlete, a runner… joining a new group of people is exciting.
  9. Nothing tastes as good as looking as good as you feel. You work out often and hard. Don’t cover the new architecture with fluff.
  10. Nothing tastes as good as your self worth skyrocketing. Your self worth should not be dependent on your looks, but judgement is self harm. You are always doing the best you can even if it doesn’t feel like it. Take care of yourself. Nurture your body. Investing in yourself is an investment guaranteed to pay off.


What’s something you say or do to keep to a healthy eating plan? Let me know.