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The regional manager of my gym stopped and stared at me. “Were you here earlier?” Nope. “Could have sworn you were here earlier.”

The head trainer gives me a huge smile. “Back again! You’re killing it, girl!” I am, but this is my first time here today.

“There’s this chick that looks like you,” one of the guys in my TRX class explains between sets. She must show up during the day because no one has been able to point her out in the evening.

(It’s kind of funny because I was supposed to be a Gemini, but I was impatient and I’m a Taurus.)

I asked my trainer if she knew who my twin was. This was the first time she had heard of it.

“I hope she’s nice,” I said.

“And cute,” my trainer added. Well of course she’s cute if she’s my twin. My trainer laughed. “Well, you’re the nice one so wouldn’t that make her to bad one?”

It could. I just don’t want her to be this midday ice queen (I have a mean resting face–if she’s being mistaken for me she must look as pleasant between sets). I’ll know if I say hi to someone in the evening and get, “Oh now you’re saying hi? What? You’re only social after 4:00?” Pretty much.

I want to meet her to see if we do look a like or if she just has dark hair, glasses, and works out really hard. It’d be cool if she was hotter and fitter then I’d be like, “Yes, we’re twins.” I’ve had other people say I look like someone only to wonder how? Or were they being rude to my face and I missed it like it was an off joke?

It’s a compliment to her. I live at the gym, making progress, and continually grateful for everything my body does, strengthening this positive relationship. I wonder if she’s ever asked about my trainer or things that are going on with me. Then she might give them looks like a midday ice queen.

Have you ever been mistaken for someone or thought to have a twin? Let me know.