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This week’s challenge in the Still In It challenge from Bodybuilding.com was identifying your kryptonite and sharing how you were going to overcome it. Mine was simple. As much as I love clean eating, I waver from the path sometimes. And when I say “waver” I mean hit a hard left and go sprinting through the woods. I return back to the path which is the important part.

What was also important was identifying why and what was going on that I felt it was okay to deviate from something that made me feel good. It was my birthday this weekend and by the end of last week I was feeling emotionally full and numb. My coworkers went above and beyond making me feel cared for and appreciated with their gifts to me, which included proteins bars, fruit, a Harley Davidson gift certificate and a journal. I did not want my plain chicken and veggies. I wanted something special. I enjoyed every bit of that gyro.

Saturday I had sodas for the first time in a long time for caffeine, pure man- made caffeine. My schedule didn’t have time for naps even though I took one. I coached Special Olympics in the morning. I got choked up during the parade and opening ceremonies. I love seeing all the athletes and I love the opportunity it is for parents just to be parents. They don’t have to explain anything.

After coaching I drove an hour home to drive two hours to the Southside of Chicago for rehearsal where I sat for two hours before being rehearsed. I had expectations for this rehearsal, which I shouldn’t have had, but I did, so I had a doughnut. By the time I got home I wanted comfort. I was tired and wanted to feel better so I had stove top popcorn which is my newest vice. My trainer staged an intervention. I told her I could stop anytime but I didn’t want to. It’s so good.

Preparing to respond to the challenge, I looked at my week and what I ate. Overall it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yes, I added some less than ideal items but my clean eating base was still there. I feel whenever I commit to a challenge whether it’s online or just a personal best (“I’m going to clean eat for so many weeks”) I feel I’m challenged right away.

From a spiritual aspect I know things get worse before things get better. One teacher said it’s the universe bringing up your beliefs so you can evaluate them and see how you want to change. Another said it’s the universe seeing how bad you want it. It is a blessing.

I know it’s part of the process. How I’m changing is I’m going to be gentle with myself and move forward. I return to clean eating and working out. I have not derailed. I’ve just wobbled. How you feel about the situation is so important. Just because I wavered doesn’t mean I’m done for and all is lost. I did the best I could at the time. I’ve looked at the situations, I’ve seen how I thought and felt, and planned for the future. I’m going to work a different way with my mind.

What’s one of your greatest fitness challenges? How have you overcome it? Let me know.