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It’s been a while and I apologize. I was surfing the waves of life and the blog got left on the beach. So I wanted to return with good news…

I’m participating in the Warrior Dash, a muddy 5k with obstacles. I’m excited. I’ve wanted to do a mud run. I signed up  and trained for one last fall only to be sidelined by pneumonia. Apparently you can’t run a 5k with pneumonia. There’s this whole breathing thing. Running a 5k was one of my goals this year.

I was flattered to be invited. All the trainers from my gym are running (like actually running) and my trainer asked if I wanted to run with them. Someone thinks I can do it. It’s a testament to how far my training has come. No one has looked at me before and said “mud run material”. Or maybe they have and just kept it to themselves.

I asked her what I need to work on and she said running outside. I love running outside but it fell by the wayside with rain and heat. I have an advantage because she ran it last year and can tell me what to expect. The first mile is pure running before you hit mud. She took off from the starting line and met the mud, which is like running in sand only more fun.

I’m psycho competitive so I’m getting my mental game ready. I’m prepping myself to be okay with being at the back of the pack. I’m an endurance runner. I’m getting faster and am faster than I think I am, but I’m also running with personal trainers, many who are/were athletes and taller than me. I know my gut reaction will be to chase down the person in front of me and keep going until I’m out front. Who needs to breath or be comfortable when you can win? I also know the first mile is running, I have 2.1 miles to go with mud and muddy obstacles to climb.

My goal is to complete it. It won’t be pretty. I look good in mud, but I don’t know how graceful or poised my performance will be. I’m in the competitive heat, but I’m competing against myself. My former self didn’t sign up or try this before. My new self is charging into mud and obstacles.

Have you done a mud run? Any advice? Let me know below. Best!